2018 Scholarship Awards
© 2016 Friends of Green Cay
The 2018 Scholarship Awards were hosted by the Friends of Green Cay Nature Center, Inc. on June 19th at 6:00 pm at the Green Cay Nature Center. All were welcome and refreshments were served.

The Scholarship Committee members are
Shelley Hymowitz, Ken Kramer, and
chairman Sydelle Dombrowsky.

This year two outstanding students, Sara Hollenbeck and Remi Work each received an award from the Friends of Green Cay. Sara Hollenbeck received her award in honor of Khin and Susan Thein. Each will pursue majors in various fields of environmental studies.

Congratulations to this year's Friends of Green Cay Nature Center Environmental Scholarship amazing winners! Best of luck!
Friends of Green Cay
Everyone Had a Great Time!
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Remi Work
Boston University
Conservation Biology & Ecology
Sara Hollenbeck
Florida Atlantic University
Environmental Science